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Gold Curtains

Gold Curtains

Add a touch of chic and glamour to your decor with our fabulous range of gold curtains. Choose from a wide variety of different fabrics, pleats and linings, you can also specify the exact dimensions required for your curtains, essential for a lovely tailored finish. Whichever fabric you choose, you’ll be delighted with the luxurious impact our gorgeous gold curtains will have in any room.   

Metallic coloured fabrics are extremely popular at the moment and perhaps none more so than gold. By using different shades of this highly desirable colour you can create some intriguing contrasting moods, from beautiful light hues that help create a calm and cosy atmosphere, perfect for the bedroom, to darker shades of gold which are great for combining with opposite colours, like turquoise curtains, to simply ooze Hollywood glamour.   

Throughout history, the colour gold has been associated with prestige, success, and prosperity. When used in the right proportions it has the capacity to dramatically transform a room’s aesthetic appeal, for example, if you want to compliment your gold curtains without overusing the colour, simply adding a few other touches like gold cushions and lampshades can work really well.  

After picking out the perfect fabric for your gold curtains simply select the measurements, lining, and type of pleat you require and our experienced team will hand make them within 15 working days of receiving your order. We also offer our made to measure curtains service at no additional cost, which means you only pay for materials!

Did you know?

According to most authorities, the largest gold nugget ever found was in Victoria Australia, it weighed over 78kg.

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