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The Home Of Inspirational Decorative Furnishing Fabrics Established in 1954, Fryett's are one of the UK's leading converters and manufacturers of furnishing fabrics, supplying quality to multiple and independent retailers, upholstery manufacturers and many other organisations involved in the soft furnishings industry. With warehousing space in excess of 5,500 square metres, Fryett's Fabrics are ideally equipped to offer an unrivaled stock range of chenille's, taffetas, jacquards, voiles, prints and linings.
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From: £39.33 Melrose Seafoam Curtains
From: £39.33 Melrose Pink Curtains
Melrose Pink
From: £39.33 Fryetts
From: £39.33 Melrose Heather Curtains
From: £39.33 Melrose Dove Curtains
Melrose Dove
From: £39.33 Fryetts
From: £34.67 Ancona Natural Curtains
From: £34.67 Ancona Duck-egg Curtains
From: £34.67 Ancona Charcoal Curtains
From: £34.67 Florentina Natural Curtains
From: £34.67 Florentina Duck-egg Curtains
From: £34.67 Florentina Charcoal Curtains
From: £22.77 Imola Ochre Curtains
Imola Ochre
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Imola Cranberry Curtains
From: £22.77 Imola Chintz Curtains
Imola Chintz
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Imola Burnt Orange Curtains
From: £24.84 Kumo Teal Curtains
Kumo Teal
From: £24.84 Fryetts
From: £24.84 Kumo Rosso Curtains
Kumo Rosso
From: £24.84 Fryetts
From: £24.84 Kumo Ochre Curtains
Kumo Ochre
From: £24.84 Fryetts
From: £24.84 Kumo Burnt Orange Curtains
From: £34.16 Zena Natural Curtains
Zena Natural
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zena Duck-egg Curtains
Zena Duck-egg
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zena Charcoal Curtains
Zena Charcoal
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Terracotta Curtains
From: £34.16 Zodiac Teal Curtains
Zodiac Teal
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Jewel Curtains
Zodiac Jewel
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Dove Curtains
Zodiac Dove
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Blush Curtains
Zodiac Blush
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £45.02 Bengal Noir Curtains
Bengal Noir
From: £45.02 Fryetts
From: £73.49 Plume Charcoal Curtains
From: £45.02 Tiger Noir Curtains
Tiger Noir
From: £45.02 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby Zinc Curtains
Carnaby Zinc
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby True Blush Curtains
From: £22.77 Carnaby Teal Curtains
Carnaby Teal
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby Silver Curtains
From: £22.77 Carnaby Seafoam Curtains
From: £22.77 Carnaby Sage Curtains
Carnaby Sage
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby Saffron Curtains
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