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Villa Nova

Villa Nova is a young and vibrant brand, founded in 1993 with the philosophy of creating modern and versatile fabrics and wallcoverings that offer affordable style. Villa Nova is a division of The Romo Group, with an entirely separate team of in-house designers.

All ranges have been cleverly designed to co-ordinate together from collection to collection with seamless ease.

328 Items
Hana Eden V3233-02 Curtains
Etta Mallow V3166-02 Curtains
Hana Acacia V3233-04 Curtains
Haldon Cinder V3152-03 Curtains
Hana Indigo V3233-06 Curtains
Haldon Eggshell V3152-02 Curtains
Vence Hop V3167-03 Curtains
Sudare Carbon V3234-03 Curtains
Hana Cinnamon V3233-07 Curtains
Elveden Clementine V3149-02 Curtains
Twyford Eggshell V3092-07 Curtains
Hana Carbon V3233-03 Curtains
Twyford Sweet Pea V3092-18 Curtains
Hana Jewel V3233-01 Curtains
Dmitri Ink V3176-06 Curtains
Issy Ionian V3165-03 Curtains
Etta Clementine V3166-06 Curtains
Enso Pigeon V3222-01 Curtains
Cosmos Stripe Citron V3063-06 Curtains
Camberley Porcini V3091-19 Curtains
Vence Granite V3167-07 Curtains
Kasian Hummingbird V3175-21 Curtains
Kasian Clay V3175-33 Curtains
Haldon Chalk/Cinder V3152-05 Curtains
Enso Teal V3222-07 Curtains
Enso Chambray V3222-06 Curtains
Cosmos Stripe Cherry V3063-05 Curtains
Camberley Lace V3091-02 Curtains
Avebury Petrol V3131-04 Curtains
Twyford Porcini V3092-19 Curtains
Twyford Beeswax V3092-10 Curtains
Sudare Indigo V3234-06 Curtains
Sudare Eden V3234-02 Curtains
Sudare Cinnamon V3234-07 Curtains
Pashley Ink V3134-04 Curtains
Nauset Surf V3145-04 Curtains
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