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Villa Nova

Villa Nova is a young and vibrant brand, founded in 1993 with the philosophy of creating modern and versatile fabrics and wallcoverings that offer affordable style. Villa Nova is a division of The Romo Group, with an entirely separate team of in-house designers.

All ranges have been cleverly designed to co-ordinate together from collection to collection with seamless ease.

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Parterre Spearmint Curtains
Parterre Husk Curtains
Parterre Cornflower Curtains
Parterre Blush Curtains
Parterre Birch Curtains
Folly Husk Curtains
Folly Eden Curtains
Folly Cornflower Curtains
Folly Calico Curtains
Elwood Saffron Curtains
Elwood Meadow Curtains
Elwood Eden Curtains
Elwood Cornflower Curtains
Elwood Birch Curtains
Cerelia Meadow Curtains
Cerelia Cirrus Curtains
Cerelia Calico Curtains
Cerelia Birch Curtains
Cerelia Baltic Curtains
Aurea Saffron Curtains
Aurea Meadow Curtains
Aurea Eden Curtains
Aurea Cornflower Curtains
Aurea Calico Curtains
Abloom Saffron Curtains
Abloom Meadow Curtains
Abloom Eden Curtains
Abloom Cornflower Curtains
Abloom Birch Curtains
Hurley Sundown Curtains
Hurley Silt Curtains
Hurley Rice Curtains
Hurley Pigeon Curtains
Hurley Petrol Curtains
Hurley Driftwood Curtains
Hurley Cilantro Curtains
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