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Turquoise Curtains

Turquoise Curtains

Our vast collection of beautiful turquoise curtains are available in multitude of different shades, styles, and pleats. Each fabric has been carefully selected from the most well established brands to deliver the highest quality and design. So whichever style of turquoise curtains you’re looking for, we have a perfect custom made solution just for you.

The colour turquoise originates from the gemstone of the same name. The gorgeous blend of green and blue is very reminiscent of a warm caribbean ocean, perfect for creating a soothing and calm feeling. Despite being such a standout colour, turquoise is remarkably versatile and works very well with so many other colours to create some unique looks.

If you combine turquoise with a mustard yellow or umber you’ll get the feeling of old Mexico. Alternatively, pairing your turquoise curtains with some gold cushions or lamp shade work brilliantly together to give you that classic Hollywood glamour look. Teaming turquoise with many different blues works extremely well too, especially navy.      

After choosing your perfect shade of turquoise curtains, you may wish to browse our huge range of taylormade turquoise cushions to compliment your colour scheme. We’ll make your curtains to the exact dimensions you require, and also, our made to measure curtains service is absolutely free, so the only thing we charge for is materials!

Did you know?

The word turquoise originated in France and dates back to the 17th century. The mineral was imported from Turkey and its name comes from the French for Turkish.

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