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Villa Nova Curtains

Villa Nova Curtains

Villa nova curtains are an exciting and modern collection that have an intriguing mix of contemporary and classic designs inspired by many different cultures from around the globe. The British company’s team of talented designers have developed a distinctive portfolio of fabrics over the years, each design has been intelligently coordinated which allows for a wide variety of villa nova curtain fabric collections to be interchangeable, creating a truly unique look.

One of the most popular curtain fabric styles this season is the villa nova hana collection. The designs take great inspiration from traditional Japanese crafts and motifs which are set against a wonderful backdrop of cascading wisteria. If you’re looking for a more contemporary feel then our villa nova loki collection would be a great choice, the vivid geometric patterns are arranged in an array of vibrant multi-colour combinations with unique sketchy detailing.

Here at, your villa nova curtains will be handmade by our talented team of seamstresses to perfectly fit your window size. We have a huge range of patterns and styles for you to choose from including villa nova stripes, checks, plains, florals, and many more. So whether you're looking to buy villa nova curtains online or via our showroom we have a made to measure solution that will transform any room in your home.

478 Fabrics
Staccato Silica V3490-02 Curtains
Staccato Malachite V3490-01 Curtains
Sgraffito Sienna V3494-02 Curtains
Sgraffito Ochre V3494-03 Curtains
Sgraffito Celadon V3494-01 Curtains
Murmurs Malachite V3495-03 Curtains
Murmurs Celadon V3495-01 Curtains
Murmurs Bisque V3495-02 Curtains
Field Sienna V3483-02 Curtains
Field Ochre V3483-01 Curtains
Field Celadon V3483-03 Curtains
Tabletop Slate V3472-02 Curtains
Tabletop Plaster V3472-05 Curtains
Tabletop Lichen V3472-01 Curtains
Tabletop Haze V3472-04 Curtains
Tabletop Delft V3472-03 Curtains
Potting Shed Sunshine V3471-03 Curtains
Potting Shed Sunset V3471-05 Curtains
Potting Shed Spring V3471-01 Curtains
Potting Shed Haze V3471-04 Curtains
Potting Shed Autumn V3471-02 Curtains
Patchwork Stone V3477-03 Curtains
Patchwork Haze V3477-01 Curtains
Patchwork Delft V3477-02 Curtains
Liana Sunshine V3474-03 Curtains
Liana Sunset V3474-05 Curtains
Liana Spring V3474-01 Curtains
Liana Haze V3474-04 Curtains
Liana Autumn V3474-02 Curtains
Broderie Sunshine V3473-03 Curtains
Broderie Sunset V3473-05 Curtains
Broderie Spring V3473-01 Curtains
Broderie Haze V3473-04 Curtains
Broderie Autumn V3473-02 Curtains
Heath Prairie V3400 03 Curtains
Heath Oasis V3400 02 Curtains
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