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Turquoise Cushions

Turquoise Cushions

Adding an injection of colour to your decor can really add some style and sophistication to a room. Our exquisite collection of handmade turquoise cushions are available in a wide variety of different shades and patterns, from gorgeous light turquoise cushions, perfect for evoking a warm caribbean feel, to much darker hues that work extremely well when combined with white or cream cushions to create some fascinating contrasting effects.

Often mistaken for teal, the colour turquoise is based on the bluey-green ancient gemstone which is commonly found in countries such as Australia, Chile, China, Iran, and Mexico. It has been regarded by many as a bringer of good fortune for thousands of years. Turquoise provides a certain feel good factor and a calm atmosphere to a room, and for such a vibrant colour its versatility for complementing other colours is fantastic.

Gold is a great combination for turquoise cushions if you’re looking to add a touch of Hollywood glamour to a room. Another excellent pairing is mustard or umber with turquoise, this creates a lovely mexican vibe. Whichever shade or style of cushion you choose, we have a perfect custom made solution to finish off your decor.

All of our turquoise cushion fabrics have been carefully selected from some of the UK’s leading brands to deliver the highest quality finish, we also offer our made to measure cushions service at no extra cost so you’ll only be charged for materials. To complete your colour theme, why not check out our stunning range of turquoise curtains,  

Did you know?

Turquoise is given as a Wedding anniversary gift for the 5th & 11th year of marriage.

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