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Teal Cushions

Teal Cushions

We have an extensive range of beautiful teal cushions that are handmade from the finest fabrics to provide superior quality and comfort to our customers. Choose from lovely light teal shades that evoke a cool and breezy feel, ideal for the summer, to bold darker hues that when combined with polar opposite colours, such as white or cream, create a dramatic contrasting effect.

If your looking to give your room a sophisticated feel, try using a darker teal cushion shade, it works really well to give a sense of mysteriousness. Also, if you have any muted colour furniture in your home, like grey for example, combining it with a darker shade of teal cushion is great for helping it stand out.

After you have chosen the perfect teal fabric for your cushions or pillows, our experienced team will make them to the exact dimensions you have selected, we also offer feather inserts or case only options. As with our made to measure curtains service, all you pay for is materials, we will hand make your cushions at no extra cost!

To really complement your teal cushions, you may also want to view our stunning teal curtain collections which come in a variety of different pleats, or perhaps a lovely teal duvet cover for the bedroom. With such a vast range of fabrics available from some of the most well established brands in the UK, you can be sure to find the perfect look for your home.

Did you know?

Since 2004, teal has been used as the main background colour on the US $100 bill.

31 Fabrics
From: £39.14 Anastacia Teal Cushions
From: £20.00 Ashton Teal Cushions
From: £27.95 Botanical Teal Cushions
From: £32.00 Carrots & Peas Chalk Lime Teal and Denim 120057 Cushions
From: £27.95 Cavendish Teal Cushions
From: £27.95 Chatsworth Teal Cushions
From: £27.81 Cipriani Teal Cushions
From: £35.54 Crush Velvet Teal Cushions
From: £83.43 Emeline Teal Cushions
From: £17.51 Giacomo Teal Cushions
Giacomo Teal
From: £17.51 Studio G
From: £37.08 Grenada Teal_Spice Cushions
From: £43.26 Healey Teal/Acacia Cushions
From: £20.09 Highlander Wool Teal Cushions
From: £19.57 Loreto Teal Cushions
Loreto Teal
From: £19.57 Studio G
From: £31.50 Lydia Teal Cushions
From: £18.54 Manolo Teal Cushions
Manolo Teal
From: £18.54 Studio G
From: £43.99 Prague Teal Cushions
From: £22.15 Pulse Teal Cushions
From: £17.50 Raffia Teal Cushions
From: £22.15 Rhythm Teal Cushions
From: £46.35 Richmond Teal/Acacia Cushions
From: £24.21 Stamford Teal Cushions
From: £19.57 Sylvana Teal Cushions
Sylvana Teal
From: £19.57 Studio G
From: £33.48 Tempo Teal Cushions
From: £20.00 Tiffany Teal Cushions
From: £22.00 Toulon Teal Cushions
From: £20.50 Trail Teal Cushions
From: £20.60 Umberto Teal Cushions
Umberto Teal
From: £20.60 Studio G
From: £24.72 Vienna Teal Cushions
From: £24.72 Wensley Teal/Acacia Cushions
From: £44.00 Zircon Teal Velvet Cushions
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