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Teal Curtains

Teal Curtains

Our teal curtains collection covers a huge range of lovely shades and patterns to choose from. Each fabric has been carefully chosen to deliver the highest quality and design which makes it the ideal choice for your home. Whichever style of teal curtains you’re looking for, we have a custom made solution to meet your needs.

The definition of teal can sometimes be tricky due to its exotic mix of blue and green. The combined colours are reminiscent of a warm tropical ocean, perfect for creating a lovely mediterranean feel. Interestingly, the colour teal was named after the freshwater “common teal” which is part of the duck family. The bird can be identified by a distinctive coloured patch around each eye.

This gorgeous blue and green combination has been very popular over the years and when a lighter shade of teal is teamed with a darker hue, it creates a lovely two tone effect. Its versatility also means that you can combine it with some polar opposite colours like white or cream to create some fascinating contrasting looks.    

The huge advantage of our made to measure curtains service is that you no longer have to be restricted by the default sizes of pre packed curtains, our vastly experienced team will hand make your teal curtains to the exact dimensions you specify. We also offer this service absolutely free, so you only pay for materials!

You may also wish to browse our beautiful range of handmade teal cushions, or perhaps a teal duvet cover to really complement your teal curtains.  

Did you know?

The colour name of teal was first used as part of the English language in 1917.

21 Fabrics
From: £27.95 Botanical Teal Curtains
From: £32.96 Carrots & Peas Chalk Lime Teal and Denim 120057 Curtains
From: £38.38 Crush Velvet Teal Curtains
From: £31.50 Lydia Teal Curtains
From: £43.99 Prague Teal Curtains
From: £23.92 Pulse Teal Curtains
From: £19.25 Raffia Teal Curtains
From: £23.92 Rhythm Teal Curtains
From: £36.16 Tempo Teal Curtains
From: £20.00 Tiffany Teal Curtains
From: £20.50 Trail Teal Curtains
From: £46.72 Healey Teal/Acacia Curtains
From: £21.70 Highlander Wool Teal Curtains
From: £50.06 Richmond Teal/Acacia Curtains
From: £26.70 Vienna Teal Curtains
From: £26.70 Wensley Teal/Acacia Curtains
From: £22.00 Ashton Teal Curtains
From: £48.50 Zircon Teal Velvet Curtains
From: £19.57 Loreto Teal Curtains
Loreto Teal
From: £19.57 Studio G
From: £19.57 Sylvana Teal Curtains
Sylvana Teal
From: £19.57 Studio G
From: £25.03 Alvar Teal Curtains
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