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Gold Cushions

Gold Cushions

Treat your room to some luxury and glamour with our exquisite collection of handmade gold cushions, we have an extensive range of different shades and styles for you to browse. Each fabric from our range is of the highest quality and has been chosen from some of most popular brands in the UK to ensure you find the perfect gold cushions for your home.   

Gold fabrics are very desirable right now and with so many different hues and patterns available, you can conjure up some lovely unique looks. Red and gold is a classic combination and has been considered a symbol of wealth and power since ancient Asia. This warm and elegant pairing looks great in living rooms but can be slightly overpowering in more confined spaces.

If you're looking for a lighter and colour to compliment your gold cushions why not try turquoise or light teal, either colour will combine majestically with gold. Another great colour to pair with gold are purple cushions, the blue hues in purple has a cooler feel than red, yet still maintains a very elegant and expensive look.    

Once you have decided which gold cushions are the perfect fit for your home, we will make them to the sizes you specify within 15 working days after receiving your order. Why not add even more impact to your decor with our stunning collection of gold curtains, you can request the same fabric that will be used to make your cushions or pick from many other beautiful designs.  

Did you know?

Gold is so rare you could compress the entire amount on Earth into an 18 yard cube.

88 Fabrics
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From: £23.81 Apache Mimosa Cushions
From: £55.89 Aquilo Gilt Cushions
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From: £25.88 Athena Gilt Cushions
From: £50.47 Aurora Gold Cushions
From: £26.91 Axis Fire Cushions
From: £34.51 Bijar Sage Cushions
From: £63.14 Bohemia Adriatic Cushions
From: £64.89 Camelia Chartreuse Cushions
From: £34.16 Capulet Sienna Cushions
From: £19.00 Carousel Primrose Cushions
From: £42.23 Casanova Chartreuse Cushions
From: £28.00 Cascade Zest Cushions
From: £32.00 Cedar Tangerine Sulpher Chilli 120356 Cushions
From: £42.23 Chatsworth Acacia Cushions
From: £29.00 Chloe Aubergine Cushions
From: £35.54 Crush Velvet Gold Cushions
From: £18.11 Dandelion Eucalyptus Cushions
From: £36.00 Dhurrie Sauterne 120179 Cushions
From: £21.12 Downham Citrus Cushions
From: £83.43 Emeline Indigo Cushions
From: £33.64 Flower Garden Ochre Cushions
From: £17.51 Folki Chartreuse Charcoal Cushions
From: £40.37 FRASER GOLD Cushions
From: £17.51 Frida Chartreuse Charcoal Cushions
From: £39.33 Genevieve Duck-Egg Cushions
From: £44.29 Giovanni Riviera Cushions
From: £48.65 GOBI TOBACCO Cushions
From: £25.88 Helios Gilt Cushions
From: £26.27 Henley Honey Cushions
From: £77.63 Hera Gilt Cushions
From: £48.65 Herd Sand Cushions
From: £23.81 Hestia Gilt Cushions
From: £20.09 Highlander Wool Gold Cushions
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