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Cream Cushions

Cream Cushions

Finding the perfect cream cushions for your home can sometimes be a real challenge. However, with our comprehensive range of beautiful cream fabrics which features many different shades and patterns, you can be sure to find exactly what you're looking for. Each and every cream cushion fabric in our collection has been carefully chosen from some of the UK’s leading brands, to deliver the highest quality and design.

Cream is an amazingly versatile colour, either on its own or paired with darker hues you can conjure up some truly epic moods. For example, emerald green or navy blue combine effortlessly with cream to create a traditional, more classical feel. Alternatively, if you're looking for something more chic and glamorous, introducing some gold cushions to your cream colour scheme works wonderfully well too.     

Another great colour to compliment your cream cushions is turquoise, this intriguing duo help create a refreshing calm atmosphere, ideal for the summer. You may want to keep things more neutral and understated, in this case try pairing cream with white, they work very well together to bring out the subtle yellow shade that’s present in cream.  

Your cream cushions will be hand made to the exact sizes you require, we also only charge for materials so they’ll be made at no additional cost. Why not add further impact to your colour theme and browse our gorgeous cream curtain collection, choose from a variety of different styles, pleats, and linings to complete the perfect look for your home.

Did you know?

In the English language, the first time cream was referred to as a colour name was in 1590.

505 Fabrics
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