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Cream Curtains

Cream Curtains

Using cream as a main or combination colour can certainly add a touch of class to any room. Our large collection of stunning cream curtains come in a whole host of different styles, shades and patterns for you to pick from. We collaborate with the most well respected brands in the United Kingdom to provide the highest quality cream curtain fabrics for your home.  

Whether you’re looking to create a cool and breezy feel, inject some elegance and glamour, or simply focus on an understated neutral look, cream is an incredibly durable colour to work with. Combining it with opposite colours can evoke some fascinating moods, for example, pairing your cream curtains with turquoise is reminiscent of beautiful Mediterranean beaches, perfect for the summer months.

Alternatively, adding a few shimmers of gold to your cream curtains works wonderfully well to bring an infusion of glamour. Another great option is to use a much darker hue like black, this looks fabulous with cream to really embolden your decor with style and sophistication. To compliment your chosen curtain fabric, you may also wish to browse our extensive range of handmade cream cushions which are available in many different shades and patterns.              

Once you have selected the perfect fabric for your cream curtains, we will hand make them to the precise dimensions of your window, the finished curtains will be delivered to your door within 15 working days of receiving your order. Our made to measure curtains service is also free, so we only charge for materials!

Did you know?

The colour cream can be created by mixing yellow and white.

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