Curtain Guide | Selecting A Heading Style

The curtain heading is the top section of fabric that will attach to your track or pole. When selecting your heading style, please bear in mind that this will dramatically change not only the appearance of your curtain, but it will also determine the type of track or rod to use.   

You can choose from the following curtain heading styles:

Pencil Pleat

Our Pencil Pleat is a very popular choice of curtain heading and is suitable for poles and tracks. It's also commonly referred to as a Tape Top or 3” Tape heading (the 3” simply refers to the heading tape depth that is used). The “pencil” effect of the pleat occurs when the cords (located in the heading tape) are pulled.

The heading tape has a depth of 3” and will include five curtain track hook pockets, this is to provide enough flexibility when positioning the hooks, enabling you to have a perfect curtain drop.

Gathering the pencil pleat can be quite a tricky process, however, if you don’t want the hassle, we can do this for you!

Simply select the option when ordering your made to measure curtains online and they’ll be delivered with beautifully presented pencil pleats, ready to hang.   

Double Pinch Pleat & Triple Pinch Pleat

Our Pinch Pleat is a decorative style heading that will give your curtains a uniform and neat finish. You can choose either a double or triple pinch pleat, each option offers a different look for your curtain. Double Pinch Pleats are a popular choice for modern decors, while Triple Pinch Pleats represent a more classic style.  

All Pinch pleats have a depth of 12.5cm and each one will be gathered by hand. Unlike pencil pleats, there is no tape across the back of the curtain heading and we use a stiffening buckram to ensure of neat and uniform finish.    

To allow ease of installation, your curtains will be supplied with fitted metal hooks which are inserted into the back of the pleat. Each hook can be repositioned to lower and raise the curtain, offering some flexibility to achieve an ideal drop.

We recommend using a pole rather than a track for pinch pleat curtains as they will look much neater when opened in a confined space.

Please Note: The width of the curtain cannot be adjusted.


Commonly referred to as a ring top, the Eyelet heading will give your curtains a modern feel with a neat and consistent drape style. This curtain is very straightforward to hang and very easy to open and close.

You can also choose from a variety of different eyelet colours to suit your pole and fabric:

  • Polished Silver
  • Satin Silver
  • Polished Brass
  • Antique Brass
  • Matt Black
  • Cream
  • White

We offer the following Eyelet sizes:

  • Standard 40mm Eyelets (suitable for pole diameters up to 32mm)
  • Large 50mm Eyelets (suitable for pole diameters from 32mm to 42mm)
  • Non-Standard 60mm Eyelets (suitable for bespoke poles up to 52mm, please contact us for more info)

Please Note: Eyelet headings are only suitable for curtain poles, not tracks.

Tab Top

Tab Top curtains, also referred to as loop top, is a simple heading style and a popular choice for kids rooms. We use the same fabric as the curtain to make the heading, however, you can specify a contrasting fabric, please contact us for more info. Each Tab Top is 10cm deep and will fit any curtain pole size.

Please Note: Tab Top headings can only be hung from curtain poles, not tracks.


The Wave heading is one the latest styles on the market and provides a lovely neat wave effect when the curtain is closed or open. To achieve the symmetrical wave effect a specifically designed track is used, which allows the curtain to hang directly below it. For best results, we recommend that you ceiling mount the track, although wall fixing is also possible.

Wave Heading styles are a very popular choice for contemporary and minimalist decors and suit lightweight or sheer fabrics much better than heavyweight material. If you are unsure about which fabric types to use, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

To ensure that your curtains achieve the ‘wave’ style we will insert the heading hooks for you prior to delivery, so your gorgeous Wave curtains will be ready to hang.