Curtain Guide | Choosing Curtain Tiebacks & Holdbacks

What are the differences between tiebacks and holdbacks?

Curtain tiebacks and holdbacks both serve the same purpose of decoratively holding back your curtains to allow light in with a beautiful sweeping curve, however, they each do so in a subtly different way. A holdback is generally made from a rigid material like metal, while tiebacks are typically made from fabric.

Why would I choose tiebacks?

Tiebacks are made from the same fabric as the curtain itself, which makes it a great option if you want a subtle yet stylish way to hold open your curtains that blend in nicely with your made to measure curtain fabric. All of our tiebacks are finished by hand, giving you a lovely custom look.    

Why would I choose holdbacks?

Holdbacks are most commonly made from rigid materials such as steel, nickel or brass, and need to be permanently fixed to the wall using screws and rawl plugs. They're a popular choice for modern and contemporary decors and look especially nice when colour coordinated with a matching metal curtain pole.