Curtain Guide | Choosing A Curtain Lining

Choosing the lining for your made to measure curtains is very important and plays a huge part in the way your curtains will look and feel. Each lining will compliment your curtains in a different way.

For example, do you want a lining that simply adds an extra luxurious layer to you curtains, does it need to block out sunlight, or keep chilly window drafts at bay?

You can choose from the following curtain lining options:

Cotton Sateen Ivory Lining

Our Cotton Sateen Ivory Lining is crease resistant, with a high thread count and a soft luxurious feel.   

Super Soft Ivory Blackout Lining

The high-quality Super Soft Ivory Blackout Lining is made from 100% cotton and will prevent light from penetrating it. The fabrics insulation qualities also help to keep out cold drafts.

Interlined Ivory Blackout Lining

Our Interlined Ivory Blackout Lining will give your curtains an extra layer of padding, which not only blocks out the light and help to keep window drafts at bay but will also make your curtains feel fuller and more luxurious.  

Interlined Cotton Sateen Ivory Lining

This 100% cotton lining is the ideal choice if you want your curtains to have a full and luxurious feel, with the added benefit of helping to keep out unwanted window drafts.

Thermal Ivory Lining

This high-quality Thermal Ivory Lining is made from 100% cotton with a lovely reverse brushed texture. It’s a great choice if you want your curtains to reduce window drafts, without blocking out the sunlight.