Voyage Curtains

Voyage curtains bring a refreshing and artistic feel to your home with their beautiful collection of watercolour inspired fabrics. The British company’s talented team of artists have a passion for creating innovative and stylish voyage maison curtains. They bring each design to life with watercolour paintings and drawings from their own in house art studio and state of the art printing facility.

At curtains made for free we have a huge range of amazing Voyage curtains for you to choose from including our Voyage diffusion curtains collection. This beautiful array of English country garden designs really captures the vigour and life of a summer's day. From hyacinth blues, dusky pinks through to deep purples and russet reds, the collection has a very versatile palette that allows your Voyage curtains to be easily incorporated with any colour scheme you may have.

One of the great advantages of having Voyage curtains made to measure is that you get a beautiful custom made solution to perfectly fit your window. You can also choose from a wide variety of linings and styles for your Voyage curtains such as pencil pleat, eyelet, and double pinch pleat. Once you’ve chosen the fabric for your curtains simply confirm the measurements and choose your style in the sections provided. Our talented team will handmake your Voyage curtains to the exact specifications you require, we also provide our curtain making services free of charge.

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Price Per Metre
516 Fabrics
From: £36.00 Degas Peridot Curtains
Degas Peridot
From: £36.00 VOYAGE
From: £36.00 Degas Ironstone Curtains
From: £36.00 Degas Azurite Curtains
Degas Azurite
From: £36.00 VOYAGE
From: £36.00 Degas Amethyst Curtains
Degas Amethyst
From: £36.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Varys Violet Curtains
Varys Violet
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Varys Storm Curtains
Varys Storm
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Varys Sapphire Curtains
Varys Sapphire
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Varys Onyx Curtains
Varys Onyx
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Varys Gold Curtains
Varys Gold
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Elysium Violet Curtains
Elysium Violet
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Elysium Storm Curtains
Elysium Storm
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Elysium Sapphire Curtains
From: £44.00 Elysium Onyx Curtains
Elysium Onyx
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Elysium Gold Curtains
Elysium Gold
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Fortazela Violet Curtains
From: £44.00 Fortazela Storm Curtains
From: £44.00 Fortazela Sapphire Curtains
From: £44.00 Fortazela Onyx Curtains
Fortazela Onyx
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Ophelia Linen Russet Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Linen Lime Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Linen Fuchsia Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Linen Cornflower Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Linen Coral Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Linen Bluebell Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Lime Curtains
Ophelia Lime
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Ophelia Heather Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Cornflower Curtains
From: £44.00 Ophelia Bluebell Curtains
From: £44.00 Hermione Verde Curtains
Hermione Verde
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Hermione Silver Curtains
From: £44.00 Hermione Linen Curtains
Hermione Linen
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Hermione Indigo Curtains
From: £44.00 Hermione Dawn Curtains
Hermione Dawn
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Hermione Cornflower Curtains
From: £44.00 Hermione Blush Curtains
Hermione Blush
From: £44.00 VOYAGE
From: £44.00 Hermione Bluebell Curtains
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