Scion Curtains

scion curtains are the perfect match for trend-savvy, fashion-aware customers. This exciting and refreshing British brand is part of the Harlequin family and offers an extensive range of uncompromisingly stylish curtain fabrics and wallcoverings. Here at curtains made for free, all of our Scion curtains are custom made to suit your exact requirements to ensure your home exudes class and style.

Our scion Lohko curtains collection is a very popular range of contemporary-retro printed fabrics. they feature an intriguing mixture of bold coloured slabs, asymmetrical motifs, and gravity-defying geometric shapes, to give your room an injection of irrepressible energy. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something with a modern yet playful feel then our scion fox curtains collection, available in a wide variety of vivid colours, would be a great choice.

When ordering your scion curtains made to measure our team will hand make each one to perfectly fit your window size. You can also choose from a wide variety of linings and styles for a truly custom look which is very difficult to achieve when it comes to ordering scion curtains ready made. Our curtains making services are provided at no extra charge so all you’ll be paying for is the fabric and your gorgeous scion curtains will be made absolutely free.

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Price Per Metre
232 Fabrics
From: £39.00 Midi Fox Chai 121095 Curtains
From: £39.00 Midi Fox Milkshake Rose 121093 Curtains
From: £39.00 Midi Fox Snow 121092 Curtains
From: £39.00 Midi Fox Denim 121094 Curtains
From: £42.58 Swim Swam Swan Denim 121032 Curtains
From: £42.58 Poppy Pop Sage Poppy 121030 Curtains
From: £34.94 Mr Fox Sage Poppy 121027 Curtains
From: £38.21 Looting Fruits Sage 121034 Curtains
From: £38.21 Looting Fruits Chai 121033 Curtains
From: £42.58 Garden Of Eden Popsicle 121028 Curtains
From: £42.58 Garden Of Eden Midnight 121029 Curtains
From: £38.21 Ferns Juniper 121031 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Liquorice 133130 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Matcha 133129 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Gull 133135 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Pear 133134 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Gecko 133133 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Sky 133132 Curtains
From: £29.48 Totak Hemp 133131 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Ginger 133291 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Denim 133127 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Putty 133126 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Lagoon 133125 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Mist 133124 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Celery 133123 Curtains
From: £29.48 Tocca Sherbet 133122 Curtains
From: £35.00 Pedro 120891 Curtains
Pedro 120891
From: £35.00 Scion
From: £35.00 Pala Seaglass 133206 Curtains
From: £35.00 Pala Dawn 133117 Curtains
From: £35.00 Pala Lime 13116 Curtains
Pala Lime 13116
From: £35.00 Scion
From: £39.00 Padukka Twilight 120897 Curtains
From: £39.00 Padukka Flamenco 120876 Curtains
From: £39.00 Padukka Tangerine 120875 Curtains
From: £35.00 Love Birds Willow 120896 Curtains
From: £35.00 Love Birds Candy 120888 Curtains
From: £35.00 Love Birds Blush 120887 Curtains
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