Prestigious Textiles Curtains

Prestigious textiles curtains are always at the forefront of exciting and creative design ideas for home decors. The British company has over 25 years experience in the textiles industry and boost a huge portfolio of stunning curtain fabric designs ranging from bold geometric patterns, ideal for modern interiors, to exquisite cascading floral prints that are reminiscent of traditional country gardens.

If you’re looking for a prestigious textiles curtain design that is synonymous with the summer season then our prestigious textiles beachcomber collection would be a great fit. The array of quirky hand drawn colourways take inspiration from a lovely coastline stroll, featuring all kinds of sea life, birds, sailing boats, beach huts, and much more.

Here at, we specialise in made to measure curtains and our talented team will hand make each curtain to your exact requirements ensuring a quality finish. We’ve also made our ordering process as straightforward as possible, simply confirm your required dimensions, lining, and pleat style. You can buy prestigious textiles online, or by visiting our showroom.

Whatever prestigious textiles curtains you choose we have a custom made solution that will look absolutely stunning in your home.

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Price Per Metre
2531 Fabrics
From: £49.68 Tugela Rose 3918-204 Curtains
From: £49.68 Tugela Pewter 3918-908 Curtains
From: £49.68 Tugela Heather 3918-153 Curtains
From: £49.68 Tugela Copper 3918-126 Curtains
From: £49.68 Tugela Amber 3918-502 Curtains
From: £45.02 Linden Mahogany 3917-113 Curtains
From: £45.02 Linden Evergreen 3917-630 Curtains
From: £45.02 Linden Cerulean 3917-772 Curtains
From: £33.64 Juniper Fuchsia Curtains
From: £33.64 Juniper Copper Curtains
From: £37.26 Heartwood Peacock 3915-788 Curtains
From: £37.26 Heartwood Evergreen 3915-630 Curtains
From: £37.26 Heartwood Ebony 3915-914 Curtains
From: £37.26 Heartwood Cerulean 3915-772 Curtains
From: £37.26 Heartwood Amber 3915-502 Curtains
From: £33.64 Gulfoss Pewter 3914-908 Curtains
From: £33.64 Gulfoss Peacock 3914-788 Curtains
From: £33.64 Gulfoss Mahogany 3914-113 Curtains
From: £33.64 Gulfoss Heather 3914-153 Curtains
From: £33.64 Gulfoss Cerulean 3914-772 Curtains
From: £37.26 Botanist Peacock 3913-788 Curtains
From: £37.26 Botanist Evergreen 3913-630 Curtains
From: £37.26 Botanist Ebony 3913-914 Curtains
From: £37.26 Botanist Cerulean 3913-772 Curtains
From: £37.26 Botanist Amber 3913-502 Curtains
From: £37.26 Alder Rose Curtains
From: £37.26 Alder Pewter Curtains
From: £37.26 Alder Peppermint Curtains
From: £37.26 Alder Pearl Curtains
From: £37.26 Alder Peacock Curtains
From: £22.77 Pine Forest Fern Curtains
From: £22.77 Little Star Twilight Curtains
From: £22.77 Little Star Neptune Curtains
From: £22.77 Little Star Cranberry Curtains
From: £22.77 Little Star Cloud Curtains
From: £22.77 Bauble Twilight Curtains
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