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Made To Measure Roman Blinds

Made To Measure Roman Blinds

Made to measure roman blinds are great choice for creating a modern contemporary feel for any room in your home. Here at curtains made for free, we have a vast range of exquisite fabrics in our roman blinds collection, which have been carefully chosen from some of the UK’s leading brands, to ensure your decor oozes class.

With our custom made roman blinds, you don’t have to just make do with the default sizes that come with pre-made blinds. We will make your blinds to the exact measurements you require, to give your room an exquisite custom finish. This service is also provided absolutely free, so the only cost to you is the materials.

Each blind is supplied with a set of mounting brackets which can be fixed inside or outside of your window recess. We also include a sleek headrail cassette system complete with a sidewinder chain pull, enabling you to lower and raise the blind with ease. All components comply with British Safety Regulations.

After you have picked out the perfect material for your made to measure roman blinds, simply place your order by confirming the size and style you require, and within 20 working days your beautiful blinds will arrive.

613 Fabrics
From: £39.00 Mr Fox Neutral and Paprika 120922 Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Lohko Indigo Jasmine 120488 Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Taimi Seaglass Chalk Honey 120366 Roman Blinds
From: £54.00 Monkey Business Indigo Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Lohko Honey Paper 120486 Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Mr Fox Sunflower Gull and Chalk 120923 Roman Blinds
From: £58.00 Thistle Glen Spring Roman Blinds
From: £94.00 Azima Indigo Roman Blinds
Azima Indigo
From: £94.00 Voyage
From: £39.00 Lohko Paprika Pebble 120489 Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Taimi Sulpher Tangerine Kingfisher 120363 Roman Blinds
From: £58.00 Hedgerow Linen Roman Blinds
Hedgerow Linen
From: £58.00 Voyage
From: £44.00 Seville Blossom Slate Roman Blinds
From: £22.46 Stags Charcoal Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Mr Fox Sky Tangerine and Chalk 120927 Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Lohko Liquorice Hemp 120487 Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Cedar Slate Apple Ivy 120354 Roman Blinds
From: £94.00 Azima Lotus Roman Blinds
Azima Lotus
From: £94.00 Voyage
From: £45.00 Yoki 120928 Roman Blinds
Yoki 120928
From: £45.00 Scion
From: £54.00 Monkey Business Natural Roman Blinds
From: £39.00 Lohko Mist Graphite 120485 Roman Blinds
Hana Eden V3233-02 Roman Blinds
From: £22.46 Tatton Autumn Roman Blinds
Tatton Autumn
From: £22.46 Fryetts
From: £45.00 Blomma Kiwi Pumice Marine 120361 Roman Blinds
From: £28.00 Leyburn Denim Roman Blinds
From: £44.00 Brympton Lotus Stone Roman Blinds
From: £25.65 Ashton Teal Roman Blinds
From: £25.65 Ashton Mauve Roman Blinds
From: £45.00 Shibori 120322 Roman Blinds
Shibori 120322
From: £45.00 Scion
From: £94.00 Azima Grenadine Roman Blinds
Hana Acacia V3233-04 Roman Blinds
From: £54.00 Monkey Business Charcoal Roman Blinds
From: £25.65 Ashton Olive Roman Blinds
From: £22.79 Roma Duck Egg Roman Blinds
From: £58.00 Bowmont Pheasant Linen Roman Blinds
From: £44.00 Brympton Lotus Cream Roman Blinds
From: £34.94 Lunaria Cream Sunflower and Gull 120063 Roman Blinds
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