Fryetts Curtains

Fryetts curtains offer a unique blend of innovative and exciting designs that have been at the forefront of the textiles industry for over 65 years. As an approved fryetts fabric stockist we we have one of the largest collections of fryetts curtains in the UK, ranging from innovative geometric pattern designs that are perfect for contemporary interiors, to exquisitely detailed floral fabrics which look absolutely stunning in classic English decors.

We also have a wide range of novelty fabric collections for you to choose from including our fryetts bee fabric which is available in a variety of linen shades. For the kids bedroom why not check out the very popular fryetts wildwood selection of fabrics, they are part of our fryetts animal fabric collection and feature some wonderful hand-drawn owls, deer, rabbits, hedgehogs, and many more.

If you’re looking for something that not creates a sense of fun but will also add a touch shabby chic to your home then our fryetts stag fabric is going to be the perfect match for you. The neutral and charcoal tones blend in beautifully with a whole host of different colour schemes making it a very versatile fryetts upholstery fabric to work with. Whatever curtains you choose we have a bespoke solution to suit any room in your home.

Here at curtains made for free, all of our fryetts curtains are custom made to suit our customer's requirements and our talented team will hand make each one to ensure a quality finish. We also provide our curtain making services at no extra cost so you only pay for materials.

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Price Per Metre
841 Fabrics
From: £39.33 Melrose Seafoam Curtains
From: £39.33 Melrose Pink Curtains
Melrose Pink
From: £39.33 Fryetts
From: £39.33 Melrose Heather Curtains
From: £39.33 Melrose Dove Curtains
Melrose Dove
From: £39.33 Fryetts
From: £34.67 Ancona Natural Curtains
From: £34.67 Ancona Duck-egg Curtains
From: £34.67 Ancona Charcoal Curtains
From: £34.67 Florentina Natural Curtains
From: £34.67 Florentina Duck-egg Curtains
From: £34.67 Florentina Charcoal Curtains
From: £22.77 Imola Ochre Curtains
Imola Ochre
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Imola Cranberry Curtains
From: £22.77 Imola Chintz Curtains
Imola Chintz
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Imola Burnt Orange Curtains
From: £24.84 Kumo Teal Curtains
Kumo Teal
From: £24.84 Fryetts
From: £24.84 Kumo Rosso Curtains
Kumo Rosso
From: £24.84 Fryetts
From: £24.84 Kumo Ochre Curtains
Kumo Ochre
From: £24.84 Fryetts
From: £24.84 Kumo Burnt Orange Curtains
From: £34.16 Zena Natural Curtains
Zena Natural
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zena Duck-egg Curtains
Zena Duck-egg
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zena Charcoal Curtains
Zena Charcoal
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Terracotta Curtains
From: £34.16 Zodiac Teal Curtains
Zodiac Teal
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Jewel Curtains
Zodiac Jewel
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Dove Curtains
Zodiac Dove
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £34.16 Zodiac Blush Curtains
Zodiac Blush
From: £34.16 Fryetts
From: £45.02 Bengal Noir Curtains
Bengal Noir
From: £45.02 Fryetts
From: £73.49 Plume Charcoal Curtains
From: £45.02 Tiger Noir Curtains
Tiger Noir
From: £45.02 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby Zinc Curtains
Carnaby Zinc
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby True Blush Curtains
From: £22.77 Carnaby Teal Curtains
Carnaby Teal
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby Silver Curtains
From: £22.77 Carnaby Seafoam Curtains
From: £22.77 Carnaby Sage Curtains
Carnaby Sage
From: £22.77 Fryetts
From: £22.77 Carnaby Saffron Curtains
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