A Guide to Eyelet Curtains

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When buying new curtains for the home or commercial setting, you will naturally pay close attention to the colours, length, and patterns of the design. However, there’s one more feature that you must not ignore: the header. For a contemporary, stylish, and practical solution, eyelet curtains are a fantastic selection.

Whether you already have your heart set on eyelet curtains or wish to learn a bit more about them before making your final decision, here’s all you need to know.

A Brief Look at Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are instantly recognised and distinguished from other curtain headers. Their key feature is that they have a series of metal rings (or eyelets) incorporated into the material instead of a traditional header that such as tab tops or sewn rod pockets.

Due to their nature, eyelet curtains are hung on a pole rather than sewn onto a rail. This provides the curtains with a number of unique properties that provide a significant contrast from the other types of curtain. The use of eyelets creates folds in the curtain without creases. Depending on personal preferences, you may opt for lots of eyelets for deep folds or fewer eyelets for a shallow fold.

While eyelet curtains have existed for generations, they have become far more accessible in the past 15 years or so, partly due to improvements in textiles technologies. They are particularly popular among homeowners hoping to create a contemporary and luxurious aesthetic.

The Advantages of Eyelet Curtains

Given that the header style will have a huge influence on the overall look, function, and cost of the curtains, it’s important to give this decision the level of attention that it deserves. There are many incentives for choosing the eyelets style, including but not limited to:


In addition to offering a contemporary and modern appearance, it should be noted that the eyelet style looks amazing with virtually all styles and colours. With this in mind, they can be used in all rooms of the home with confidence. Not only does this ensure that each room looks great, but it also encourages a greater level of consistency throughout the property.

Reduced Material Needs

Due to the way in which the curtains are retracted, the curtains require less material to cover the width of the window. This can reduce the cost of the purchase, which can work wonders when you are planning to decorate the whole home. The reduced material requirements can also be considered a positive feature for anyone that is worried about their carbon footprint.

Style Control

As well as the versatility regarding designs and patterns, the eyelet curtains provide control over how they hang. Choosing the right number of eyelets for the look you wish to achieve is a great starting point. Meanwhile, they are sure to look great when they are open, closed, or partially closed. This allows you to work with lighting with excellent results.


Easy Maintenance

Perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing eyelet curtains is that they are easy to look after. The natural folds mean that there are no creases to worry about, which stops appearance from becoming compromised. The curtains can be removed from the pole with great ease, making cleaning a simpler task than traditional curtain types too.

Eyelet curtains aren’t valances, curtain tracks, or bay windows due to their pole-hanging nature. Nonetheless, adding a pole is an easy job in most homes. Once those fundamental features are in place, eyelet curtains can bring stunning results.

Eyelet Curtains Style and Options

When looking at possible curtain choices, it’s imperative that you choose the right style and design for your specific room. Eyelet curtains allow you to choose from an extensive range of colours and patterns across the plain, spotted, patterned, semi-plain, and striped styles.

Whether it’s an eye-catching standout fabric like Amba Summer or a more reserved fabric like Antico Natural is up to you. Meanwhile, the most popular materials for eyelet curtains include cotton, silk, linen, and acrylic. With so many choices at your disposal, finding the perfect solution for your home shouldn’t prove to be difficult.

Another feature to consider is the blackout eyelet curtains. Like other styles of blackout curtains, they provide the room with unmatched levels of darkness. The eyelets are positioned in a way that stops light entering the room while the thick materials do not allow light to pass. While this is most popular for the bedroom, it can be used in living rooms, dining spaces, and home cinema areas too.

Due to their distinct nature, the process of ordering eyelet curtains needs to be completed in the right manner. We pride ourselves on making it easier than you ever thought possible. To make your dream curtains a reality, follow these simple steps;

  • Browse our extensive range of fabrics and designs to find the perfect curtains for your home.
  • Choose the pole length and curtain length – ourhow to measure for curtains guide on how to accurately measure your eyelet curtains will help.
  • Select your lining from our wide range of solutions and decide whether it’s a single curtain or a pair of curtains.
  • Choose which eyelet size is required – we offer standards 40mm eyelets that are suitable for 32mm poles, and large 50mm eyelet curtains that are designed or poles that are thicker than 32mm.
  • Pick an eyelet colour – we provide black, white, polished brass, antique brass, polished silver, satin silver, and cream.
  • Select the number of tiebacks required.

Finding Your Dream Made To Measure Eyelet Curtains

Once you’ve decided to choose eyelet curtains for your home, the next step is to ensure that you find the right product. Here at Curtains Made For Free, we thrive on helping homeowners turn their living spaces from bland to grand with made to measure eyelet curtains that boast the quality and aesthetic appeal to give your home the personal luxury you deserve.

Our vast experience of the industry is matched by a large selection of fabrics, all of which are available in large quantities, as well as a genuine passion for curtains. To find out more and order your dream eyelet curtains, get in touch today.

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