Blackout Curtains

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The clocks have changed and the autumn chills are truly upon us. With that, and winter snapping at our heels, many of us are turning our attention to what we can do to make our homes feel more snug during those long evenings. While we all have our different ways of keeping warm at this time of year, one thing is sure; we could all benefit from investing in blackout curtains.

What are blackout curtains?

First thing’s first; you’re going to want to understand precisely what blackout curtains are. This is a term many of us hear without understanding what it actually means, and what it could contribute to our homes.

Put simply; blackout curtains are curtains cut with a backing made from incredibly tightly woven fabric. With a multi-layered system for efficiency, this backing makes for the most convenient and practical curtains on the market today. That’s hardly surprising considering that curtains like these were first designed as safety measures during the Second World War!

But, don’t think that convenience means compromising on appearance. Blackout blinds might be efficient, but demand dictates that there are also some striking options to choose from, each of which can take your home to entirely new heights. So, forget your idea of black, basic blackout curtains, and settle in to find out about the benefits and striking designs you can expect to see when you start shopping for blackout curtains of your own.


The benefits of blackout curtains

Before we get into the various stunning blackout curtain designs you could choose from; it’s time to delve into precisely what benefits this window dressing can bring to your home. These are the most effective curtains you could choose for a wide variety of reasons. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Time to keep warm

Lost heat is a significant problem in our homes, with around 75% of our household bills dedicated to this cause during the colder months. To make those figures worse, approximately 10% of that heat is lost through our windows. This is the case whether we have double glazing or not. Luckily, blackout curtains can help a great deal in eliminating unwanted window and door draughts by as much as 46% thanks to their tightly woven backing fabric.

Less light, please

These window additions can also work fantastically in the summer by blocking unwanted light so you can sleep better no matter what. Equally, you can bet your youngsters will be up at the crack of dawn if the sun is. Make sure it doesn’t happen by considering kids blackout curtains, too.

Blackout curtains are designed precisely with blocking light in mind, hence their name. It’s no exaggeration to say that these can block as much as 99% of light when closed. That backing fabric alone makes sure that no unwanted light shines through your curtains themselves, while the tailored cut of curtains like these guarantees no pesky light rays peek around the corners.

No more noise

As if those benefits weren’t enough to keep you satisfied, blackout curtains can also work to drastically reduce noise in even roadside homes. If you place these on each of your windows, you can certainly achieve a cosier and more peaceful ambiance in your home each evening.

Curtains that last

It’s also worth noting that blackout curtains are fantastic for standing the test of time. These are quality pieces of kit, after all. While the blackout backings involved can make curtains like these a little more expensive up front, this is an investment that you’re unlikely to ever regret.

For one, your blackout curtains are guaranteed to pay for themselves in as little as a year due to the amount they shave off your heating bill. What’s more, a well-kept pair of blackout curtains will last for decades, meaning you can transfer them from home to home and enjoy those benefits in the long-term.

Blackout curtains for your home

Now that you know the vast array of benefits blackout curtains stand to bring, the chances are that you’re keen to integrate these additions into your home. The good news is that manufacturers are meeting our demand for blackout curtains with designs to suit every home need. As such, you can bet that it won’t be too difficult to find a design and fit that’s 100% suited to your house as it stands.

As we mentioned, however, blackout curtains are an investment, and you won’t want to rush into this lightly. Remember that a well-selected option here could last your entire lifetime and beyond. When browsing, then, you need to think about longevity from both a design and appearance point of view. You’ll also want to consider quality, sizing, and much more to make sure that you’re investing in blackout curtains that really do take your rooms to the next level.

Fear not; because we have a few suggestions of the fantastic types of blackout curtains you might want to choose for your home.

Capturing the custom fit

Irrelevant of the appearance or even design that you select for your blackout curtains, it’s worth opting for a custom fit selection. Made to measure curtains are always beneficial for getting your home just right, but never is this more the case than when it comes to blackout curtains. Their efficiency does, after all, largely depend on their being the ideal fit.

The fact is that, even of the blackout variety, pre-cut packaged curtains are never going to fit your windows 100%. Even that thick backing fabric may, therefore, fall foul to letting light in at the corners or even failing to adequately conceal every draught. These are the exact issues you’re hoping to eliminate with a purchase like this, and made to measure options can make sure of it.

You may assume that this form of blackout curtain is going to cost you even more, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In many instances, you’ll find that companies fit and cut curtains at no extra charge. Then, you can sit back and enjoy the ideal blackout curtains without compromise.

Fantastic floral designs

Due to their size and presence in any room, floral blackout curtains offer a fantastic way to turn this practical feature into a striking central point in any home. You’ll certainly impress all your guests with a set of floor to ceiling floral knockouts.

There’s no rule dictating that curtains have to be solely practical, after all, and bringing these right into the heart of your design could take an entire room to the next level. Floral blackout curtains will undoubtedly pay the ideal complement to an already florally decorated room. Or, they could add a touch of jazz to a room that otherwise makes use of block colours.

As you might be able to tell, you can have a lot of fun with floral designs like these. And, you can do it all while enjoying the countless blackout benefits that we listed above.

A neutral approach

For some homeowners, neutral blackout curtains are a far preferable approach. These are especially useful if you’re looking for curtains that you take with you from one house to the next, as neutral designs will fit well with most decor choices you make throughout the years. Whether your walls are loud or quiet, you can bet that neutral designs will work with the rest of your style selections. What’s more, blackout curtains like these can help to draw the eye away from large imposing windows that you want to keep covered to achieve that cosy vibe we spoke about earlier. You may even find that a neutral blackout design over your door to cover the breeze blends perfectly so as not to draw attention to the issue.

If you don’t want to go entirely understated with your selection, then it’s worth looking out for semi-plain blackout curtains instead. These achieve the same benefits as neutral designs, but with a little added interest for a further dimension. With slight textures and differing tones, these could be the ideal compromise for those who want to keep blackouts subtle while still achieving some interest.

Can’t forget your kids' rooms

Those blackout benefits needn’t stop in more adult spaces, either, with a great deal of kids blackout curtains now available wherever you look. Blackout designs are now available in a range of kid-friendly designs, and choosing these could be incredibly beneficial for everyone at home.

Let’s face it; kids have a habit of rising with the sun, and even your tailor-fit blackout curtains aren’t going to help you if that happens. Yet, with their very own blackout curtains in place, you may find that your youngsters finally learn what a lie-in looks like.

Kid-friendly blackout curtains are also fantastic for helping to eliminate the noises that might otherwise scare youngsters in the night. With these in place, they’ll be unable to hear passers-by or animals scuttling around outside, meaning that unwanted knocks on your door past midnight could finally become a thing of your past.

Whether your youngsters love hot air balloons, boats, or a particular show on television, you can bet some kids blackout curtains could suit.

Time to shut the curtains

As you can see, blackout curtains are something of a no-brainer to modern living. While these designs might cost a little more than your basic pre-cut pieces of curtain fabric, they’re an investment that will pay for themselves and more in no time at all. Even better, with benefits such as insulation and noise reduction, curtains like these can go a long way towards helping your house feel more like home.

With styles on offer to suit every taste, there’s really no reason why you can’t make blackout designs work in your home. Why not try switching one set of curtains and see how you get along? The chances are that you’ll never go back once you’ve experienced the benefit of blackouts.

How to order your blackout curtains

So, we’re agreed. Blackout curtains are an absolute must in your home this winter and beyond. The question is, how do you order them? Lucky for you, the process couldn’t be easier when you turn to us here at Curtains Made For Free, and here’s why.

Custom made blackouts from Curtains Made For Free

We’ve already discussed the benefits of custom made blackout designs. As our name suggests, we’ll make the perfect blackout curtains for you at no extra cost. It really is that simple! That way, you can enjoy a custom look that’s 100% tailored to your windows for maximum blackout benefits. Even better, our wealth of experience guarantees a tailored pair of curtains that stand the test of time as promised. All you need to do to order your custom curtains is -

  • Measure your curtain drop and pole length
  • Select your blackout lining and configuration
  • Choose your style between -
    • Pencil pleat
    • Tab Top
    • Eyelet
    • Double pinch pleat
    • Triple pinch pleat
    • Wave pleat
  • Select your tie backs
  • Calculate your price
  • Place your order

Why Curtains Made For Free?

Here at Curtains Made For Free, we believe in discounts. That’s why we offer a free custom made service you’d struggle to find anywhere else It’s this focus on customer happiness and affordability that has won us 1000s of five star reviews in the past, and it’s what makes us the best option for your blackout curtains this winter. We even offer a five year guarantee and price promise to make absolutely certain that you’re satisfied, 100% of the time.

We’re also a top option for custom curtains you won’t see anywhere else, with our warehouse stocking a very limited amount of fabric so that we can order what you want, when you want it. Our relationships with quality manufacturers like Porter and Stone and Clarke ensure we can offer luxury custom curtains with a quick turnover. All you need to do is visit our storeroom today or give our knowledgeable team a ring on 0191 252 1111.

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